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About Us #

Applied Computing Research Labs (ACRL) is a small business formed in 2023 by David R. Morrison; we use advanced algorithms, applied mathematics, and machine learning techniques to solve some of the hardest problems in computer science today. We are particularly focused on scheduling and optimization for distributed systems at scale, and have extensive experience with running such systems as Kubernetes in production. We believe that people come first, and have a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are an open-source-first company; our work is, and will always be, available and open to all!

Who are we? #

Support our work #

If you like the work that we're doing, there are a few ways you can support us:

  1. Become a paid subscriber to our blog: your support here makes it easier for us to attend conferences and pay for our tools and supplies.
  2. Sponsor our work on GitHub: if we have a particular project we're working on that is useful to you, sponsoring it lets us spend more time working on that project!
  3. Get in touch for consulting opportunities: if you have some particularly gnarly problems that you're encountering in your day job, especially as it pertains to scheduling or autoscaling, get in touch! We can help.