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A collection of tools for simulating Kubernetes scheduling and autoscaling behaviour


This package provides the following components:

Architecture Diagram

architecture diagram of SimKube


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kubectl apply -k k8s/kustomize


Full documentation for SimKube is available on Applied Computing's website. Here are some quick links to select topics:


We welcome any and all contributions to the SimKube project! Please open a pull request.

If you have a feature request, please start a discussion. Members of the SimKube team will determine whether the feature should become planned work and how it will be prioritized.

If you've found a bug or are working on a planned improvement, please open an issue!

Code of Conduct

Applied Computing Research Labs has a strict code of conduct we expect all contributors to adhere to. Please read the full text so that you understand the expectations upon you as a contributor.

SimKube is licensed under the MIT License. Contributors to this project agree that they own the copyrights to all contributed material, and agree to license your contributions under the same terms. This is "inbound=outbound", and is the GitHub default.


Due to the uncertain nature of copyright and IP law, this repository does not accept contributions that have been all or partially generated with GitHub Copilot or other LLM-based code generation tools. Please disable any such tools before authoring changes to this project.